Madhesh Province CM says Pachrauta visit not against election code of conduct

Kathmandu : Madesh Province Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav has said that he visited the Pacharauta municipality of Bara-2 during the House of Representatives (HoR) by-election at the invitation of his relative.

His visit was totally personally and not for the support or against of any of electoral candidates.

In his response to the clarification sought by the Election Commission over his Pacharauta visit during the electoral period, the Chief Minister said the visit was not for the election purpose.

He was asked to clarify whether the vehicle he used during the visit had a white number plate and security arrangements for the visit were managed by the government level, whether his move was proper to his post and violated the election code of conduct and whether he deserved the action in accordance with the Election Commission Act, 2079 BS for the violation of Code of Conduct.

In the replies, the Chief Minister said the vehicle he used for the trip was not the government one and its use was permitted by the Chief Election Officer. “So his move does not violate the election code of conduct.” (RSS)