CCTV cameras installed for monitoring tigers in Kanchanpur

Bedkot: The Kunda Sub-Division Forest Office has installed CCTV cameras for monitoring tigers after big cats began to enter the human settlements in the southern area of the Kanchanpur district.

Three CCTV cameras were installed in the Jamuna Community Forest area at Punarbash Municipality and nearby Thapachowk in Belauri Municipality, informed Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Assistant Forest Officer.

Yadav shared, “Tigers were spotted entering human settlements in the later days. We installed CCTV cameras for monitoring the places where the wild cats were seen entering human settlements.”

The Forest Office here will keep an eye on tiger movement in the areas where CCTV cameras are installed for a week. “If tigers are not spotted in those areas, we will install them in other places,” he said.

It may be noted that a 32-year-old woman from ward no 10 of Punarbash municipality was killed in a tiger attack on March 24 while she had gone to Dhudhwa National Park in bordering India.

A week later, an Indian woman succumbed to a tiger attack in an Indian village bordering Belauri village in the Kanchanpur district leaving the locals in those areas in terror.

The National Trust for Nature Conservation supported the CCTV installation project, informed Yadav. “Locals are terrorized due to tiger menace. Tiger does stay in a place idly. We can determine whether tigers roam around those areas or not once we monitor those places through CCTV cameras for a week.”

Tigers from bordering Dhudwa National Park were recorded entering into human settlements in Nepal’s villages in the past. (RSS)