New opportunity can be created through information technology: Minister Sharma

Kathmandu : Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said the government has been taking initiatives to systematize the technology sector.

Addressing the 55th International Conference of Asia-Pacific Advance Network (APAN) that began here today, Minister Sharma shared the government has started an initiative for installing its satellite and software by making maximum use of available resources and further investment in priority for the same.

Attention has been paid in the revision of laws related to information technology, making required laws, awareness for cyber security, and security of public and private data, she mentioned.

Stating that Digital Nepal Framework has set a target of building a digital society, the Minister opined that the government is confident that access of all citizens to modern technology would be ensured and it would be used in uplifting the living standard of the people.

She further said, “Digital literacy promotion, digital infrastructure expansion, and policy, strategy, and programmes to encourage innovation in information technology are incorporated in the Framework”

Minister Sharma expressed the view, of “Creating new opportunities through maximum use the technology and achieving country’s economic prosperity.”

Saying scientific research and innovation are the backbone of the development, she mentioned that new technologies and new opportunities could be identified as well as complex problems would be resolved through research.

The government was always ready to collaborate with all sectors for the same, she clarified, adding it was necessary to increase investment in research.

The Communications Minister opined, “I believe that the conference will provide the best opportunity to us to learn from each other, exchange best practices, and identify innovative solutions to the problems we face.”

Describing the IT sector as an area with high potential, the Minister said she was confident that Nepal could reap maximum benefits from its proper utilization. “We are capable to produce a large score of skilled IT resources yearly. Access to the Internet has significantly increased. It would be of much support for Nepal’s economy if we could reach to the position of providing IT services internationally.”

The relevancy and need of IT use are needed more in Nepal-like countries, the Minister said IT could be used as an effective tool to alleviate poverty. In addition to this, the IT development and its access will be of great help in the management of health crises, contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation, according to the Communications Minister.

“A digital divide is also increasing along with the IT development,” she said, underlining the need of creating an atmosphere capable of creating inclusive and proportional IT-assisted opportunities so as to narrow down the gap caused by unequal access to digital technology.

The concept of Digital Nepal Framework aims to accelerate rapid development in State’s multidimensional areas, according to the Minister.

The five-day workshop will discuss on various related issues such as disaster management, modernization of agriculture, human health and medical technology, people’s access to data, internet security and impact of climate change on mountain life connecting it with the use of IT, it is said. (RSS)