PM Prachanda vows to bring Federal Civil Service Act, Education Act

Kathmandu : Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that processes for the drafting of the Federal Civil Service Act, Education Act and Police Adjustment Act have been expedited.

At a programme organized by Municipal Association of Nepal in Katmandu on Monday, the Prime Minister made such commitment while addressing the grievances made by the stakeholders and representatives of the Association.

Saying that a section of political leadership and bureaucracy have been creating obstructions in the implementation of federalism, PM Prachanda said he was always for empowering the local governments as per the spirit and aspiration of the Constitution of Nepal, in the capacity of a leader who played a key role in establishing the federal democratic republic.

Recalling that the new progressive constitution was promulgated by ensuring the grassroots people’s vigilance and control, the PM said good-governance, social justice, sustainable peace, prosperity and stability would be maintained by making the province and local governments robust and effective along with legal provisions.

On the occasion, the PM honoured six best performing municipalities in five different themes on the basis of evaluation of the fiscal year 2079/080 BS.

A 15-member prize selection committee was formed under the leadership of former Registrar of the Supreme Court Kashi Raj Dahal to recommend the best performer local governments.

Lalitpur Metropolitan City was named for its best performance on social development sector while Bharatpur Metropolitan City was prized for Urban Planning Infrastructure Development and Disaster Management.

Likewise, Suryodaya Municipality and Khairahani Municipality were prized for best economic development, while Birendranangar Municipality won for its outstanding job on forest, environment and climate change sector.

Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan city was prized for institutional development, fiscal good-governance and service delivery.

On the occasion, Chairperson of National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission’s Balananda Poudel viewed that intergovernmental relations should be based on coordination, cooperation and coexistence as per the constitutional provisions.(RSS)