‘We will counter activities against CPA’

Kathmandu : CPN (Maoist Centre) Vice-Chairperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara has said defense against the trend willing to take the country towards the path of regression was necessary.

Addressing a press conference organised by parties supporting Maoist ideology here today, Mahara shared that activities against comprehensive peace accord have started taking place as the battle between progression and regression is being complicated.

Common efforts of all the concerned with it was necessary to resolve the existing problems of the country, he added.

Similarly, Vice-Chair of Nepal Samajbadi Party, Hisila Yami, pointed out that all have come together as activities against the sentiments of comprehensive peace accord were seen.

The attack on the Maoist was the attack upon the people of the country, mentioned Chairperson of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Socialist), Karnajit Budhathoki.

He shared all Maoist forces should come together and they should be united on the basis of agenda. A joint appeal distributed after the press meet reads, “We make special demand with the government to complete the remaining task of the peace process formulating laws immediately.”

“The comprehensive peace accord and the constitution has given the responsibility to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to settle the cases of armed conflict era. It is clear that going beyond this historic context and constitutional provision would be against comprehensive peace accord”, reads the statement.

Likewise, General-Secretary of Baigyanik Samajbadi Party, Bishwo Bhakta Dulal, said though it was said that the cases of armed-conflict period would be settled by Truth and Reconciliation Commission as per the comprehensive peace accord, the matter of taking them in regular court was contradictory.

The joint statement reads that the cases linked with transitional justice would be under the jurisdiction of Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

These parties demanded to take the remaining task of the peace process to logical conclusion giving the full-shape to the Commission as soon as possible.

Similarly, implementation of past agreements signed by the state with different parties was also demanded on the occasion.

CPN (Maoist Centre) Vice-Chair Mahara, standing committee member of Nepal Communist Party (Revolutionary Maoist), CP Gajurel, Vice-Chair of Nepal Samajbadi Party Hisila Yami, General-Secretary of Nepal Communist Party Netra Bikram Chand, Chairperson of Aam Janata Party, Prabhu Sah, Coordinator of Nepal Communist Party (Bahumat), Dharmendra Bastola, General-Secretary of Baigyanik Samajbadi Party, Dulal, Chairperson of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Socialist), Karnajit Budhathoki were present on the occasion.(RSS)