Need to increase production, service delivery: Communications Minister Sharma

Kathmandu : Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has stressed the need for increasing production and service delivery by expanding women’s access to information technology.

There was a need for all to focus on delivering gender justice and building equitable nation while ensuring women’s tangible equality and participation in all state sectors, she said in a message of best wishes today on the occasion of the 113th International Women’s Day.

However, the advent of information technology has helped ease lifestyle of women by offering various opportunities including job opportunities, she said.

“Factors like ensuring women’s representatives in all levels of the state, a significant improvement in maternal mortality rate and total literacy rate, an increment in life expectancy and positive changes I the indicators of women’s economic empowerment have indicated women’s improving condition,” she said.

But, there are challenges in practically implementing the constitution and laws that are in favour of women, she said.

There was the need of the day to end ill-practices stemming from lack of political rights and awareness while implementing women’s rights achieved from various movements, revolution and struggles in the country, she said. She in the message of greetings also offered to all those martyrs who sacrificed their lives to ensure women’s social, economic, cultural and political rights.(RSS)