FSU election, student organisations registered in all most all campuses

Kathmandu : Student organisations have registered their organisations at campuses in an enthusiastic manner in order to participate in the FSU election, said Director at the TU Student Welfare and Sports Directorate, Pashupati Adhikari.

Adhikari shared, “Student orgaisations of all campuses except one or two across the country have registered their organisations after the publication of FSU election schedule. The FSU election is scheduled for March 19.

As per the election schedule, student organisations were given deadline to register their organisations till Friday evening (March 3).

Adhikari mentioned that student organisations of all campuses except Ayurved Campus in Kathmandu Valley have been registered. Similarly, March 5 is the deadline given for Agriculture Campus of Lamjung, out of Kathmandu Valley, to register student organisation.

Likewise, student organisations have also been registered in 21 constituent campuses in Kathmandu Valley. Nineteen student organisations have been registered in TU Central Campus, seven in Pulchowk Engineering Campus, 17 in Nepal Law Campus, 11 in Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, 12 in Shankerdev Campus, 24 in Tri Chandra Campus, 17 in Ratna Rajgya Campus, 16 in Nepal Commerce Campus and 14 in Amrit Science Campus, he added.

The student organisations would register nomination towards proportional and first-past-the-post election from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on March 11. (RSS)