Complicated heart surgery performed on infant in Chitwan

Chitwan : Doctors here have successfully performed complicated heart surgery on an infant.

The D-TGA (dextro-transposition of great arteries) was performed on Mahima Praja, a 35-day-old baby born to 24-year-old Milan Praja and 20-year-old Sabita Praja of Bharatpur Metropolitan City-1.

The heart operation considered to be ‘complicated’ on an infant was carried out at Chitwan Medical College, Teaching Hospital. A team led by Prof Dr Anil Acharya, a cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon at the CMC Teaching Hospital, conducted the surgery.

Dr Acharya said that this is the third successful D-TGA operation carried out in Nepal. “As far as I know, this is the third time in Nepal that this type of surgery has been successful. The chances of the patient’s death in this type of operation are up to 90 per cent,” he added.

D-TGA is a more common variation in which the aorta is positioned to the right and front of the pulmonary artery, arising from the right ventricle rather than the left.

According to Dr Acharya, the position of coronary arteries also needs to be adjusted in this type of operation. He said Mahima has no problem now.

Saying it is very risky to do surgery on an infant by putting him/her on anaesthesia, he said surgery on sensitive organs like the heart becomes very complicated. Surgery on Mahima, admitted at the hospital on February 6, was conducted on February 8.

Prof Dr Acharya, Dr Alka Singh, Anesthesiologist Dr Prabesh Gyawali, Perfusionist Govinda Badhangariya, Pediatrician Dr Biraj Parajuli, and nurses were in the team for the surgery.

Doctors of Bharatpur Hospital had recommended Mahima to another hospital suspecting of pneumonia. She is now completely recovered after receiving treatment at NICU for 20 days.

The hospital has made preparation to discharge Mahima.

Milan has been facing a financial crunch for the treatment of his daughter, saying more than Rs 500,000 has been spent on her treatment so far.

Although the treatment of heart disease is free for children below 15 years and people above 75 years at Sahid Gangalal National Heart Centre and Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Centre, this facility is not available out of the Kathmandu Valley. (RSS)