MOU between Nepal’s Diyalo and India’s JanaJal will focus the challenge of drinking water sector through technology sharing.

Kathmandu : The MOU has been executed between Nepal’s Diyalo Technologies and JanaJal, India’s leading safe water services platform which is digitizing the water treatment and last mile delivery of safe water through technology. Along with the MOU, it has been agreed to cooperate strategically and commercially to solve the challenges in the drinking water sector of Nepal and India through the exchange and integration of their respective technologies. Mr P.R. Khanal, Founder & CEO Diyalo and JanaJal’s Founder & CEO, Dr.ParagAgarwal signed the MOU on behalf of their respective organisations.

As per the MOU, JanaJal will support the expansion of the smart water management system/Assets Management System developed by Diyalo Technologies in the Indian market, while Diyalo will support the expansion of JanaJal’s water ATMs and JJWOW (Water on Wheels) in the Nepal Market. In addition to this, it has also been agreed to conduct various training programs in Nepal and India and to exchange their experiences and best practices in technology implementation to help improve access to safe drinking water.

In Nepal, Diyalo has developed IOT enabled web based software, mobile application & water intelligence system in the area of financial good governance, water quality monitoring, compliance and regulation, water leakage measurement, customer experience enrichment, assets managements, water production & distribution automation in order to effectively manage water utilities, improve their sustainability in order to ensure the right of people on safe drinking water services. These modern technologies has helped utilities for maintaining transparency, good governance, increased revenue, reduced cost, and improved quality, better customer relationship. It is helping in several ways to address SDG 6.1. It has digitized about 700 utilities in Nepal so far, is preparing for the launch in international market including India.

Similarly JanaJal is Asia’s premier tech enabled water services company and operates more than 800 Water ATMs and existing Water Treatment Plants across India that are remotely monitored through their proprietary IOT technology platform called JJSUITE. The Company’s innovative technology called JanaJal WOW (Water on Wheels) has been selected by the Government of India for pan India implementation across urban and rural areas to increase access to safe water to people. JanaJal specializes in installing, operating and maintaining decentralized water treatment plants across India and further, providing last mile delivery of safe water to the doorstep of households. JanaJal aims to expand its operating footprint of decentralised water ATMs & Water on Wheels in Nepal through implementation of customised three wheelers that will help to create jobs, provide social entrepreneurship opportunities to people and empower women and children who will no more face the challenge of procuring safe water for their households.